Old About


Ye Machine is operated by me – Simon J. Cook.

I was born in London, England, spent too many years at Cambridge, UK, and taught for five years at Duke University, North Carolina.

Today I am an independent scholar and editor operating outside established academic institutions. Together with a growing family of children, dogs, and cats, I live in a small village in Israel situated just left of the end of the world.

Ye Machine website showcases my various textual activities:

  • My academic editing services, which support my scholarly habits, my children, our dogs, and our cats.
  • Rounded Globe, a creative commons electronic publishing house dedicated to disseminating accessible scholarship.
  • My research, which focuses on the forgotten world of late-Victorian and Edwardian scholarship.

 You’ve been in the pipeline, filling in time…  Welcome to ye machine!



To discuss scholarship, editing work, or an electronic publishing project contact: simon john cook [@] gmail [dot] com [remove all spaces]