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Tolkien TV

So, after a long break in which we all learned something about making movies, we are back on the videos. We renamed our YouTube channel Tolkien TV and have mapped out all but one of the remaining hobbit videos. We have also started preparations for a second series showing how Tolkien’s study of Beowulf gave birth to his story of ‘The Fall of Númenor,’ which became the second story to which The Lord of the Rings became the sequel.

And we made a Tolkien TV symbol by using an image from Dziga Vertov’s classic Man with a Movie Camera – released in 1929, as Tolkien was deep in planning out his story of a hobbit’s adventure.

Ultimately, the aim is to tell the whole story of the making of The Lord of the Rings, showing how The Hobbit was remade in its image as Tolkien looked to his religious faith as the foundation of his theory of meaning in the dark years of World War II. But even if we manage to put out one video a month it will still take us a couple of years to arrive at this goal. And, of course, making these short videos is time consuming and constantly interrupted by the ordinary business of making a living – or, as in the case of my co-workers, going to school and doing homework.

Anyway, the long promised Hobbit & Ali Baba video should (really) be released quite soon…