RK Challenge, week 2

  • Return of the King: Back-to-home-schooling. Week 2.

Well done for surviving into week 2 of the Return of the King back to home schooling challenge. Let’s jump to the bonus question:

Why did this live NASA feed stop working about 7 days ago?

And as we enter our second week challenge (note, challenge numbers begin only one month into the crisis for reasons of morale) the questions are already piling up as two are carried on from last week. I’ll use the opportunity of carrying questions over to tweak their form and, following Lewis Carroll, use this sign [ to identify any old questions still unanswered. Below the ongoing challenges I’ll list answers provided to date, identifying them with these two signs [*.

  1. Give the precise spatial and temporal relationship between these two compositions: the first sentence of The Hobbit and the thought experiment we know as Schrödinger’s cat.
  2. Can you imagine how those who had fought in the great war felt and thought in the late winter of 1939?*
  3. Are my nearest and dearest loved ones a little more insane than usual at the moment, or is it just me?

* I’ve changed this second question twice (previous subjects: Oliver’s letter, Nodens). This is now the correct question (witness the link). (April 18, Sat. 2020.)

— Carried over [

4. How was Mrs T. fooling me when she said there was no such thing as society?

5. How was the 2nd Age of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth imagined through the western door of Moria?

— Answers [*

6. Begin around 5.00 am GMT but don’t hang around if you detect clouds (bonus question).

7. Lewis Carroll’s letter-register.

And that is about that from the many-named internet broadcast we carry on from time to time from our wooden house just left at the end of the world. Stay safe everyone.