Tolkien TV

Tolkien TV is the Cook family’s YouTube channel.

Our first series, ‘Rescuing The Hobbit,’ reveals our painful progress mastering a new medium. Now we are regrouping and laying the foundation of a sustained and systematic video engagement with the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Two series are currently in early production, ‘Magic ring’ and ‘Ghost sequel.’ These lead to the challenge of a video movement through Tolkien’s impossible essay On Fairy-stories (see links above).

Tolkien TV is the natural way of expressing the conclusions of my research. I wish to understand the real magic of Tolkien’s writing, and all the individuals studies presented in these pages point in the same direction: fairy-elements. Tolkien gives this title to elements of reality that can be pictured, may even be glimpsed in the world, but cannot be named – a nameless reality beyond our language that the storyteller invokes with metaphorical titles. Tolkien weaves his written magic by stepping from literal description to metaphors by way of the pictures in his mind. This movement may be described in words but is best shown on video.