Gollum’s end

A YouTube channel that in 2019 worked with my children. We did a first series on The Hobbit. Changing our name from Ye Machine to Tolkien TV, we failed to illuminate the holy grail of the story and so now opt for the less presumptuous title of Gollum’s end.

While the kids had fun making the whole enterprise it left them a bit clueless.

You can be as hip as you like but you cannot understand what is actually going on unless you put in some work learning history. Since making these videos we have fallen into our own family-crazed state of permanent lockdown and I have had to turn to a more liberal regime of home schooling.

From August I will, for the first time for a long age, receive reinforcement on the domestic economy and we hope by September to be back on the air, continuing the inquiry but now by way of a sequel.

J.R.R. Tolkien developed a picture of a magic sign in his story of Bilbo Baggins. But you cannot see it unless you see what he was saying about signs in his story.

A queer development of his theory of the sign was made with the Satanic mirror to a vision of linguistic incarnation in the sequel: the Word is made by this author: Rings, Mirror, Tower, Stones.

To start with The Lord of the Rings is perhaps the best place to start in a commentary upon The Hobbit. First Rings, Stones, Towers, and only then the magic ring won from the Gollum at the root of the mountain.