Tolkien e-essay: preview

Image by Puck

Image by Puck

The long tea-break is finally over. But I’ve been drinking the stuff by the barrel of late, working to transform a word document into a publishable electronic essay (an ebook, it turns out, is a kind of glorified html webpage). Tomorrow morning I will give a last read-over hunting out any remaining typos – which are as ubiquitous and as annoying as the mosquitoes that still lurk on my walls here in Luzit. Then I’ll upload to Amazon and, if God is willing, you can purchase the essay for direct download when you wake up this Thursday, October 17 (for the low price of $2.99).

Update: after a day of intense proof-reading and head-hurting technical hurdles, the essay is now live on Amazon (click the image). More soon, after some much needed sleep…

Update: first day: woke up with terrible cold and discover a bug in the html generates an embarrassing error on the table of contents provided in the free Amazon sample – fixed, uploaded again. Back to bed.  Oh, and 8 copies of the book appear to have been sold. If I had a plate of scones I would hand them out to each of these discerning customers.

Update 2: today is the fourth day after I uploaded the mobi file to Amazon – and it is really time to begin a new post (even, dare I say it, to begin some posts that look beyond Tolkien) – all this in the fullness of time. I’ll conclude this post with the observation that my innocent assumption that the hard work was over with the upload was quite wrong. Now I must put on my virtual shoes and become a hawker of my essay, soliciting reviews from all and sundry, trying to arrange for them an amazing intellectual adventure, only to be goodmorninged as if I was selling buttons at the door.