About ten days ago, while on my morning walk in the large expanse of scrub/parkland that borders my house, two puppies appeared out of nowhere and followed me home. As I write they are sitting on the porch outside. Having never had a dog before I have been blown away by the encounter with two little creatures that instinctively know how to fit into a human family. When they arrived I was just finishing publication of a Rounded Globe book on autism in the Stone Age, and I’m not sure if the book or the dogs have given me more insight into life in the paleolithic.

My new neighbour, who owns the house on the next street that is last in his road, has put up a small padock in which, on occasion, there is a horse. Newly aware of the whole world of dogs that I had previously been innocent of I sense that close encounters with a horse would take this kind of thing to a whole other level.

My wife has gone to Brussels for three days, leaving me with the three children. Before she left she ordered the shopping, which is delivered to our door. Within the shopping was a very large, whole, black fish, with dead eyes and a gaping mouth. I have no idea why it came and have never encountered the like before in our kitchen. It has now taken out a whole shelf in the freezer, sitting on top of lots of other frozen food access to which now lies through the great dead fish, which I am unwilling to lay hands on again.