Back to home school. 3 challenges

  • Return of the King: Back-to-home-schooling. Week 1.
  1. Delineate the relationship between three ages of Middle-earth invoked by the western gate to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Mines of Moria.
  2. Ask your children to explain how, 33 years after Margaret Thatcher stated that society does not exist, Boris Johnson learned that she was wrong.
  3. Tell your parents (any age) to give the key to these four pages (make sure they read them carefully).

You can alternate which generation receives which challenge. Reading time for the third is around 13 minutes.

Challenge 3, 4 x scans

Bonus question: tell me if you ever manage to see the northern lights on the live cam linked at the top.

  • And here is the answer to question 3 (with some additional blurb):