ye machine

December 31, 2020
Simon Cook

Well, 2020 was a turn-up for the books, and no mistake. Still, at least my family avoided being caught up in a war. For the new year I am re-launching ye machine on gitlab, which organizes posts by date (which may be changed) and title. I propose the following title-reference system for 2021, in which any post has one of three prefatory markers:

  1. Mark
  2. Stone
  3. No prefatory mark

The third category indicates an occasional post, such as this one. The first and second markers indicate that the post is concerned with one of two ongoing inquiries into J.R.R. Tolkien’s use and understanding of metaphor and analogy. The first project begins with a mark on a door, while the second joins the metaphor of Old English stories as stones to the fairy-element introduced into The Lord of the Rings as a Palantír, or Seeing Stone. Posts of first and second marking will in addition be marked with one of the two icons used for the main blog navigation above (respectively, ⬦ & ⬥).